Dr. Yvonne C. Ortega, MD FACEP



Dr. Yvonne C. Ortega, MD FACEP

"My entire career in the Emergency Department has consisted of managing patients with miserable acute and chronic painful conditions. Watching the joy and relief on our patients faces and hearing their stories is what rewards me the most." 



Dr. Charmaine Ortega is an experienced physician who brings her passion for new medical technology and wealth of experience to the Integrative Medical Wellness Centers of America (IMWCOA). Her training and 30-year career in Emergency Medicine has given her a broad exposure to treating and managing a wide spectrum of disease. Caring for the pain and suffering of patients with acute injury and chronic disease, she has a special compassion for those with chronic painful problems that are not easily healed. She has continued to pursue her interests in new nutraceutical, exercise and electrical medical technologies that have been successful in regrowing nerves and significantly reducing neuropathic pain.

Dr. Ortega's education began at the University of Notre Dame and continued at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. Residencies with Boston University and UCLA/Kern Medical Center prepared her for her ultimate work in the Emergency Department. In addition, she has a love for those who are less fortunate than us and has participated in numerous medical missions overseas. In her capacity as an international critical care transport physician she has seen the best and the worst of medicine abroad. Regardless of location, she remains concerned for all patients who require medical attention in any regard. She currently works in Alabama and Nevada where she has had extensive exposure to patients with chronic pain.

Dr. Ortega was born at MacDill AFB, in Tampa, Florida. With her dad in the Air Force she lived all over the United States. That helped develop her love of travel to see and do new things. She continues to enjoy travelling with friends and family. For relaxation, she likes to cycle and hike as well as become lost in a good book. Her creative interests include quilting, embroidery and paper crafts. She has also run in three half marathons from Alabama to Paris. 

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